Tours. Itineraries & Tasting

Visiting numerous wineries throughout Puglia, I could offer you dozens of different itineraries, each one particular and interesting. Very small family-run wineries, where the head of the family still makes important decisions, or wineries that are growing fast and appreciated throughout the world, but always tied to tradition.
Still, historic but modern cellars in their structure, or wineries that are born inside medieval castles, suggestive and unique, that take us back in time.

Old factories, where thousands of liters of wine have left for the north or France, where today only one wine is produced, 5-6000 bottles every year, from a single hectare of land, from old vines similar to natural monuments.
I would be happy and would suggest making a new tailor-made itinerary whenever you request it, according to your tastes and preferences and time of visit.

My tours always have a private transfer that will allow you to taste all the wines without worrying about having to drive.
I am always present, I accompany my guests throughout the day and, during transfers between one winery and another, I will have the pleasure of telling you the history of the wine of my region, so that during the visits you can discover and better understand how the production of wine in Puglia has evolved over time. Can’t take part in a wine tour? I can organize a home tasting.

If you wish, I will be happy to talk with you and compare our views about the wines you have drunk and maybe recommend some other bottles to taste during your holidays, according to your taste and the place where you will be staying.
And also, if you have already fallen in love with our wines, we can go to the wine shop and choose together the most representative labels, with the possibility of sending them directly to your home.

My region is rich in excellence and important wines appreciated all over the world; write me, call me and your tour will start as soon as you start imagining it.

I will be ready to make it for you, come to find me!