Puglia. Territories & Wines

A long and varied region, famous for its sea and its long coasts, sandy and crystalline, rocky and very panoramic.
It is known and appreciated for the warm, spontaneous and genuine welcome of its people, combined with good food and good wine; this is what makes this region unique and a little jealous of itself, with the desire to always remain authentic.
Yes, authentic, like its sincere and traditional wines, which are linked to the territory like the vines are to the soil.

Rich and powerful red wines, full of shades and impenetrable in color or rosé wines not at all too likable to drink but with their own character; white wines? There are several, very pleasant to accompany seafood and fresh fish. The Apulians, sparkling and generous, people always ready to reinvent themselves, are a bit like the classic method sparkling wines from native vines, which amaze, as if they came from a region other than Puglia.

I don’t want to bore you with too many words and technical explanations, production areas and boring denominations, here we cultivate Negroamaro, most familiar Primitivo or the rediscovered Susumaniello; then we find Bombino, Verdeca, Fiano or Minutolo and much more. These grapes are also jealous of their areas, so we respect and cultivate them where they can be fully expressed, and that’s where we will find them, passing through villages frozen in time, endless olive groves and historic vineyards, surrounded by ancient farms, protected by immortal and characteristic dry stone walls.