After so many words and explanations, someone will probably be wondering: going around wineries with Puglia Wine Tour, what happens? I’ll tell you …

Around 9.30 am: is pick up time for wine lovers from their accomondations or we meet at Palazzo Belsanti in case of departure from Lecce; with a private transfer, that means that me and my guests will not drive, we are sure to be able to drink at will! Go!

During the first part of the journey, before arriving in the vineyard, we retrace together the stages of the Apulian wine history, in this way we begin to understand the origins of production and the commercial evolution of Puglia; once inside the vineyards, instead, we will have the chance to admire the work of the winemaker and our typical system of vine cultivation, the Apulian sapling, comparing it with the most modern breeding systems.

After admiring the vineyard and its peculiarities, we visit the winery, where we can appreciate production methods, traditional equipment and then, moreover, we begin to learn about the choices of the producer, the same ones that we will find again in the glass during the tasting. Depending on the cellar, there may also be the possibility of tasting the bulk wine, the true origin of our current wines and a type that is still very present, because it is linked to tradition.

Now we are ready: it is time for tasting, partly technical, but not too much, and exciting, always, because from here we start to really understand what is behind the production of a wine and above all how Puglia has come up to here.
When the tasting is over, we leave for the second visit, occupying the journey time, with questions and curiosity about what we have seen and drunk.

Arrived in the new cellar, we walk and discover other stories, places and wines that will accompany our light lunch; often it happens that the producer decides to give us some surprises: it’s the moment I prefer!
Wine tapped from a barrel, anecdotes or perhaps previews of new wines. It is time for lunch, it is the moment of taste and of the table, of good company and of the many laughs, while we taste we accompany some traditional dishes, totally abandoned among barrels, bottles and glasses of wine.

How much do you laugh now? So much, we know that wine helps to do this!
What time is it? Wow, we’re at the end of the experience, now we still have a bit of road …
I bet you will now wonder if we had fun, I suggest you find out for yourself ..


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